Monday, December 29, 2008

Destroy your credit card and get out of debt.

Credit card debt is a cancer that is spreading in American households. Credit cards give us an idea of the possibility that we can spend more than we have. Please get rid of your credit card and never use one again!

Credit cards are largely useless, and unneeded. They are one of the main obstacles in the way and financial wealth. They are full of traps which make you pay much more in the long term. How rich could you become in the long term if all the money for your credit card interest each month was invested?

A debit card can give you all the convenience of a credit card, with all the limitations of your bank. It is a good alternative. Just be careful because if a thief is in possession of your debit card they can drain your bank account and it may take longer to clear up the mess than with a credit card.

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