Thursday, December 25, 2008

Want to make debt collectors scared?

Dealing with a debt collector is delicate. It can sometimes resemble a poker game, the two parties May or May not be the bluff and there is money at stake.

This technique could be particularly useful for consumers who are engaged in a credit card, debit request. I urge both mail cease and desist letter that using the technique described, with the presentation of his appearance, positive response from this.

If anything can kick the collector to the rear end, this will.

The end goal is that the collector to harass you (and / or withdraw its request) and move on the next victim, right?

Try this:

1) Send all communication with the debt collector (including validation, verification, or cease and desist what your situationrequired), via certified receipt Priority W / USPS number.

2nd) CC (Carbon Copy), the Attorney General in his report, as well as debt collectors. use USPS to include the tracking number for all parties to the letter so theycan see for themselves that it is not just bluff.

3rd) CC (Carbon Copy), the State Bar and the state debt collection.

4. ) CC (Carbon Copy) local television journalist Consumer research by collectors and its Member States.

5.) Be sure to include the courage of the CC of all documents sent to the collector W / figures on the USPS.

"debt recoverers" know that less than 1% of consumers tend to go ahead with their threats to contact the BBB, Bar, etc. Be proactive and "cc"-ing to these organizations in its correspondence or the collector will not take their shit and will not be intimidated.

Consumers who have tried this technique have found that you and your questions are taken much more serious than the threat to act alone. You have nothing to lose! everything to gain!

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